10th OCT - 13th OCT

Colombo | Kandy


Between the 10th to the 13th of October 2019,
the Colombo and Kandy Hubs will jointly host over 150 influential South Asian youth representatives at Shape South Asia 2019 – the regional meeting of the Global Shapers community. Commencing in Colombo and concluding in Kandy, the three-day event will bring together highly motivated young minds to share expertise, encourage collaboration and explore solutions for issues faced by communities within the region.

The Global Shapers Community is an initiation of the World Economic Forum. The community comprises of a worldwide network of Hubs, connecting passionate young individuals between the ages of 20 and 30 who have excelled in their respective fields of work and are driven to make a positive contribution to society. There are currently over 400 Hubs in over 171 countries with a growing membership of over 7,000 Shapers across the globe.

Together, the Colombo and Kandy Shapers Hubs comprise of 42 exceptional young Sri Lankans from diverse fields including media, arts, law, academia and the corporate sector. They will be the driving force behind this year’s landmark regional event.

SSA 2019: Program Plan

Breakout Themes


The global socio, cultural and physical environment had undergone major changes during the past decade. Can South Asians strike a balance between rapid modernisation and preserving our environment, our heritage, culture and history beyond 2030?

Diversity, Inclusion, & Justice

What role does diversity and inclusion play in growth and quality of life? What role(s) does it play from sustainable corporate culture to the way forward in South Asia? What are the facets of diversity and inclusion - gender, age, ability, class, and language being a few - that are often overlooked in a global context; where does our region fit in? How has it shaped the past; how is it in play at the present; what impact will it have on the future?

Innovation, Data Economy, & Technology

What would the future economy look like in the light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? How can innovation and entrepreneurship harness and uplift the livelihood of the region? How do these elements align with the SDGs? What threats on data privacy and issues of cyber security are becoming apparent in the region with the emerging technology? How can we create a value based economic and financial system in South Asia?

Institutions & Geo Politics

Are institutional structures, bastions to promote and protect what we hold dear, or are they hurdles for advancement? How do geopolitics play a role in culture, heritage, environment, rights, and governance? How do countries in South Asia cope with regional powers competing for dominance?

Daily Topics

Heritage, Culture, & History
(Surveying the past)

Governance & Democracy
(Deciphering the present)

Sustainable & Smart Cities: Going Beyond 2030
(Envisioning the future)